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College students have the additional benefit of Medical Leadership concepts integrated into the curriculum , a foundation that provides students with an opportunity to gain skills that can help them to stand ahead of their peers in standard medical programs. Drawing upon St. George's global expertise, CEPH-accredited Public Health program, and medical MBA program, students are introduced to international health care systems, global public health issues, and how the concept of 'One Health, One Medicine' affects healthcare delivery throughout the world. Both high school and college student experience is further enhanced through adventurous and educational off-campus excursions, including snorkeling, hiking and island touring. You will be introduced to the traditional disciplines that medical students encounter during their training through a hands-on laboratory setting in the Georgetown Medical Center. During your eight-day institute, you will get a snapshot of the Georgetown medical school curriculum and address such topics as human anatomy and physiology, microbiology and infectious diseases, surgery, cancer, and biomedical ethics. Students will have the opportunity to work with a patient simulator and focus on some of today's basic medical issues, such as preventative medicine, heart disease and HIV. The Georgetown Medical Center includes the nationally ranked School of Medicine and School of Nursing & Health Studies, in addition to the world-renowned Lombardi Cancer Center. .

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